When it comes to working with a client: truly understanding the presentation in front of you is everything.

The objective of this article is to see how our body communicates at its very deepest level and gradually work our way out. But… to comprehend the fuller picture, let’s take a step backwards from the notion of the human body and say hello to two historical legends: Mr Armstrong and Mr Aldrin.

Between 1969 and 1972 NASA carried out the human spaceflight program known as Apollo. This program landed the first humans on the moon. While Michael Collins remained in lunar orbit in the command-service module, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (what a great name!) landed their lunar module on July 20th 1969, and walked on the surface of the moon. (1) A giant leap for man kind was taken, and History was made.

The success of Apollo 11 requires tightly coordinated actions between ground and on-spacecraft communications. Information between the control centre, the spacecraft, and the astronauts must flow uninterrupted during launch, in-space operation, and re-entry. The margins are pretty fine: As the technological and human elements become less predictable, any breakdown in communication can jeopardise the mission and safety of the astronauts. In simple terms: the smallest of errors = death, and hundreds of millions of dollars down the hole. Fine margins indeed…

However, if all parties have all of the information at all times, systems can be controlled, problems responded to, and adjustments made.

To achieve this incredible feat of human accomplishment, NASA created the Apollo Unified S Band System which coordinated voice communications connecting the people involved, data communications from the spacecraft to earth and technology from earth to spacecraft in to one coherent system. (2)

Clear Communications = Safety, Efficiency, and Predictability

The concept of clear communications promoting safety and efficiency of a space mission, through predictability of the working parts, is the perfect analogy for how the brain operates to control our performance.

Whether we are discussing a spacecraft or the human body: the energetic currency of the communication networks is electricity.

Imagine now that you are an astronaut: You have just boarded a spacecraft that will shrink you down, small enough to be injected into the fluids of the body – we’re pretty much describing the role of Dennis Quaid in the 1987 movie Inner Space… but instead of getting caught in a mix up between a rabbit and a person, computer chip and a cowboy, your mission is to find out what kind of communication networks are at play on the microscopic, molecular level.

AMN academy body system

What is the most ancient, far reaching, and integrated communication system of the body?

As you float from arteries to veins, enjoying the propulsion provided by the heart and pressure of the blood, you eventually reach the capillary networks.

The capillary passage ways are so small, blood pressure is no longer strong enough to push you and the red blood cells through. There are however other forces at play… Your equipment detects strong electrical and electromagnetic fields grabbing hold of the spacecraft to push it through the tiny networks.

Theoretically, these electrical charges in the blood are generated via the activation of sunlight irradiating the blood to form strong electrical gradients called exclusion zones (3), (4).

This provides an efficient and constant propulsive force via the use of sulphates. This would be your first indication of electricity driving the body. Good news… you still manage to whizz through.

red blood cells

Busy Busy Workers

Deep within the cells, you notice busy, industrious, activity. Machinery including pumps and turbines driving vast amounts of energy in and out of specific cell membranes. These guys are the mitochondria. The energy powerhouses of the cells. It would be a noisy, overwhelming environment as there are approximately 100 million billion mitochondria in the human body.

They don’t pause for a split second, constantly pumping out Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP): the primary, chemical energy for almost every action of the brain and body.

Once again your equipment detects powerful electromagnetic fields. This is not surprising as the mitochondria also need an energy source to produce energy substrate. The source are electrons and protons. (5)

The food we eat is broken down via complex metabolic reactions to stick positively charged protons to chemicals which also contain electrons. These chemicals feed their electrons in to the mitochondria to keep the machinery turning over which pumps protons out of the inside of the cells. The process utilises the uncanny workings of quantum physics to allow electrons to move through walls without a direct passage way. This process is called quantum tunneling. Things are getting very strange indeed.

extracellular matric

The Matrix

From the vast mitochondrial cities, you get diffused out in to the interstitial fluids of the extracellular matrix. It’s like being spat out into an unrelenting electrical storm of immense power. A light-show like no other.

Here electrical currents flow through the ground substance, the fluid of the matrix. Every cell you pass is emitting ultra weak photons – little packets of light emanating from cells. (6) Each photon communicates with the next, literally passing information at the speed of light.

The collagen fibrillar network is an almost transparent, constantly morphing and incredibly electrically active tissue which connects the nuclei of the cells with the surface of the skin. It also connects lipids, sugar polymers, and thousands of other receptors. These stud the outer layer of cell membranes with amino acids, and other electrically active substrates, ultimately forming the systems and tissues of the body. (7)

The collagen fibrillar network, otherwise termed the connective tissue matrix is a liquid crystalline structure where any slight movement (compression or interaction) with its contents generates electrical currents that rush through the interstitial fluid.

This creates a sprawling communication network throughout the entire organism. What happens in one area of the matrix is communicated throughout its entirety, and not through wires but on multiple levels, creating a kind of wifi communication system that is everywhere, all of the time.

It looks as though this system, with its currents, electrical and electromagnetic fields, is the prime candidate as the most ancient, far reaching and integrated communication system of the body.

Even compression of the skeleton – as the body moves around – releases infrared light and sparks of electricity, known as Piezo Electricity (8). This provides information to the wifi network displaying a coupling between mechanical forces and endogenous currents.


Mechanical Forces = structural stress, movement, compression

Endogenous Currents = the flow of electricity

Before the Nervous System

You might have noticed, that on our trip around the inside of the body, at the microscopic level we haven’t yet mentioned the brain or nervous system.

That is for a very good reason, because our mission objective was to uncover how the body communicates on the deepest level; we thus uncover the communications that are in place way before the nervous system even develops.

It is at the beginning of the third week of embryo development that the neural plate, which soon becomes the brain and nervous system takes shape. (9) Prior to this, cell division is mediated via the electrical charges of the cells themselves and guided by the electromagnetic fields which emirate at 90* from the electrical fields. (10)

The organism uses native electromagnetic fields to communicate with its environment to communicate with itself and to communicate with other organisms on a level well below our conscious awareness.

Where electrical gradients are generated, energy can be stored. Where electricity flows, it can power work.

Bio-electricity = energy

Energy = information

Information conducts the processes of life

AMN, Academy, the nervous sysem

The Nervous System

So where does the nervous system fit into the equation. Let’s get back on to the spaceship to find out…


Floating through the ECM your machinery has noted many features of electrical circuits. Cell membranes act like capacitors, membrane receptors like transducers, and DNA like resonators. (11)

Within the matrix are more transducers which are the terminal axons of the autonomic and peripheral nerve endings. As Haltiwanger M.D points out, the nervous system runs in series and parallel with the bio-electrical activity of the body: the nervous system inherently serves the bio-electrical charges which proliferate around it.

As you follow the ends of the nervous tissue throughout the system, you would notice specialised receptors associated with pressure, sound, speed, acceleration, smell, taste etc. These are used to transduce various frequencies from the outside world into electrochemical signals.

Following an electrochemical impulse travelling from one nerve cell to the next up the length of the spinal cord, and flying past you in the opposite direction, you finally reach the brain where micro currents interlink multiple parts of the brain to interpret and respond to the information it receives.

Zooming out a little from the micro currents you would note another distinct electrical field. This is the Direct Current (DC) field of the nervous system. The DC current is involved in consciousness, perception and even bone remodeling. (12)

Your route out of the body is to travel from the Suprachiasmatic nucleus, along the retino-hypothalamic tracts to the retina of the eye and back out into the world. You need your sun glasses as this is the pathway flooded with photons from the environment. Light, once again providing a direct energy source, converted by DHA in the retina to stimulate almost half of the circuits in the brain. (13)

The Ability To Self Reference

NASA ground control, adventurous astronauts, and the millions of moving parts communicate with each other to promote the success of a mission. The body provides information to the brain so as it may self reference to promote survival of the individual.

When comm’s go down, we lose the ability to self reference, just like the Apollo space mission, we become less predictable. Compensations, dysfunctions, and even chronic disease may occur.

You’ll notice that on our journey through the inside of the body we uncovered

  • A lot of biological electricity
  • The strange influence of information-containing magnetic fields
  • Distinct roles for light
  • Water in the communicating fluids
  • The hard wiring of the nervous system responding to its environment

For those of us in the health & fitness industry, we tend to learn compartmentalised aspects of how the body works and attempt to use this limited knowledge to deal with everything our clients present with. When an aspect of anatomy and physiology is poorly understood, it is often ignored.

A ‘mechanics’ view will only get you as far as the mechanical paradigm permits; as will a purely manual therapy based ‘releasing tight structures’ approach… as will viewing the nervous system alone as the only source of energetic communication.

A huge amount can be gained safely and effectively through working with the the body at the level of communication we’ve discussed in this article. Understanding these mechanisms encourages us to re-synchronise with the natural electromagnetic rhythms of the environment. This approach is helping thousands of people around the world to get out of pain, move better and improve their health.

I encourage you to closely consider the electricity of the body, for there is nothing more intrinsic, influential, and important to intra-body communications, and subsequently health than this.


written by David Fleming. AMN Co-Founder and Director of Education

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