Your Guide To The Communication Networks Within The Body

amn academy guide to communication networks mitochondria
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  1. Jennifer says:

    David, this is such a well written article. I will be sharing with my patients as it elucidates many key principles I strive to recognize and work with each day. Have you, by chance, looked into Frequency Specific Microcurrent? I think you’d find it to be a compelling adjunct to what you do. Again, thanks!

    1. says:

      Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the kind words! So great to hear from like minded people… I haven’t head of Frequency Specific Microcurrent but will definitely go have a look 🙂 Best, Dave.

  2. Kardia Eracleous says:

    Really enjoyed reading this post, your analogies were perfect to help everyone and anyone to understand the information that’s really quite complex.

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